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Oscar Chestnut: Author Bio

Oscar Chestnut is a freelance poet, pastor, and professor. He is also a member of the Freelance Writing Organization.

Oscar graduated from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary in 2005, where he received his Doctorate in Pastoral Ministries and Counseling. He is currently on staff as a Professor in Counseling.

While working on his Doctorate, Oscar received the President’s Award for accomplishments in the field of Pastoral Ministries, and for his unique and outstanding teaching skills. He is currently the Senior Pastor at New You Ministries in Hollywood, Florida.

Oscar is articulate, dedicated, reliable and enthusiastic. He enjoys reading and researching scriptures, where he finds... the more things change, the more they remain the same.

His hobbies include:

• Camping
• Motorcycling
• Mentoring kids
• Basketball
• Meditation

Oscar and his wife, Joanna, have two sons and one dog, Smokey. Sons Timothy and Gregory, both married, live in Florida and North Carolina.





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